Making new career opportunities for the child

academic-summer-program1Academic summer program
Academic summer program by is a leader in the scheme of academic learning in a fun oriented approach. Various activities and their resource material is also an added feature at academic summer camp by JEI Hillsborough. The main objective is that of communication and interaction between tutor and tutee where tutor helps in broadening the thought process of the child. Problem-solving techniques are also used by the well-trained and well-qualified staff here. Making new career opportunities for the child is also the main goal of an academic summer program at Hillsborough. These areas are those which are either child’s hobby or interest areas.
The academic summer program at Hillsborough concentrates on developing a child in better supervision and by means of his own self-discovery. These activities provide as an alternative option of learning. Moreover, the activities planned by combine various teaching style and approaches. These also develop according to the focus areas of arts, technology, research, games etc. performance orientation and evaluation of a child’s fundamental skills design the culmination of child’s well-grown personality. Social interaction of the child is also the main concern here at
Child’s interest areas and enriching his personal experiences are the core point of the academic summer program at The blending of curriculum goals with activities design is the major feature of academic summer camps organized by Child enhances his creativity in child’s guidance. Enrolling a child into the new concept is the major aim of this well structured academic summer program in Hillsborough. Here, at JEI child participates in a lot of engaging activities like robotics, engineering, STEM, alpha etc with many innovative skills. Valuable instruction, dynamic interaction, concept information, new innovation, wide scope of intelligence and discovery learning with inquiry model are the main key points of academic summer program organized by JEI in Hillsborough.



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