A pioneering name in the field of English Tutorial in Hillsborough


A pioneering name in the field of English tutorials in Hillsborough is www.jeihillsborough.com. English tests and English practice with English practice workbooks here focus on spoken English. Moreover lessons have weekly tests with English forums are done to assess child’s performance. English forums here have a prime motive of students meeting each other, group discussions are in accordance of expressing themselves and concentrates on spoken English. The center has a specialized reading room, listening lounge and student forums that raise a voice to any problems faced by the students. The institute has a teaching strategy for step by step lessons chiefly designed to enhance daily conversations, business and office English. It has a major inclination towards building basic grammar, idioms, and phrases making students to gain confidence. Every test and exercise is divided into key parts based on the formula of speak, say and tell. Grammar rules are explained through learning examples. Vocabulary enhancement lessons are based on tenses, phrasal verbs, fun activities and by various means of entertainment like a newspaper, radio or television among others. The institute also provides resources for teachers and lessons.


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