How to solve Problems In a Specific way

pre-algebra-tutoring is a quintessential place to teach a child how to solve problems in a specific way. The major teaching strategies here are basically carved for struggling students. The major factor is that these are in lieu to boost confidence in a child and restore their performance oriented formative assessment. Pre-algebra tutoring helps the child become successful in future. This is done through one to one instruction provided by the teacher. The major prerequisite skills are in accordance with common core standards. This has the prime objective of fulfilling the needs of the students in the best way. Algebra tutoring in this institute is based on the concepts of Al-Khwarizmi, better known as the father of algebra and is chiefly remembered for his contribution to geography. He conceptualizes algebraic expressions, algebra as a study of symbols, word problems etc. this theorem of his is widely used in the field of mathematics, engineering, statistics and science among others. The institute believes that the basic rules are the key to solving complex problems in a systematic manner. Homework is not considered as a burden but as a mean to enhance child’s skill with full zeal through step by step explanations in a simple manner. The chief topics included here are algebraic expressions, linear equations, exponents, radicals, factorizing polynomials, fractions and algebraic expressions.


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