Some important things in robotics for children


Robotics classes organizes robotics classes for kids in the town of Hillsborough. The 21st century is said to be the century of mechanization sector. This sector includes various levels of complexity in the organization of various things. Kids here at JEI Hillsborough are given the opportunity to develop various features of robotics by means of VEX IQ and LEGO mind storms. Children at are given various robotics kits to solve the problems and develop their concepts.  The child learns to dawn the roles of mechanical engineers or computer scientific. Electoral engineering is also an added concept at the course at

Course Content

Various concepts like dynamics in the computer, research analysis, sensors, kinematics or motion planning become the chief subjects in the robotics classes at Students produce various plans and innovations in practical mode by means of well-furnished laboratory available at JEI Hillsborough.  This is said to be one of its kind course in the town of Hillsborough organized by  The various content of syllabus at JEI Hillsborough is:

  1. History of robotics
  2. Impact of automation
  3. Influence of manufacturing sector
  4. Advantages of robotics
  5. Designing and constructing robotics
  6. Programming needs
  7. Artificial intelligence
  8. Logic controllers loop
  9. Functions of robotics
  10. Blueprint building
  11. Modeling and modulation
  12. Circuits work
  13. Principles of engineering
  14. Electrical management
  15. Computer vision
  16. Image recognition
  17. Computer graphics
  18. Edge detection


Advantages of robotics classes in Hillsborough by are that the child learns a lot of innovative skills in a friendly environment here. New innovative strategies of concept formation are used at JEI Hillsborough as propounded by educationalists primarily Herbert and Gagne.  Skill development with fun is the chief feature of  Interaction, information, dynamics and communication is the chief pillars of robotics classes in JEI Hillsborough.


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